"Half" is a final graduation collection that celebrates the beauty of cultural fusion and identity. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Japan and the diverse influences of contemporary American culture, each piece in the collection is a reflection of my unique journey as a half-Japanese individual. Through a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern design aesthetics, "Half" captures the essence of cultural duality, embracing both the Eastern and Western influences that shape my identity. With meticulously crafted garments that showcase intricate details and elegant silhouettes, this collection is a tribute to the complexities and richness of being of mixed heritage, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity and unity.

Tokyo Fashion Week 2024

Tokyo Fashion Week 2024 dazzled with cutting-edge designs, pushing boundaries and setting trends for the global fashion scene. From avant-garde streetwear to elegant couture, this vibrant showcase celebrates the creativity and innovation of Japan's fashion industry. "Half" shined at Tokyo Fashion Week, showcasing its unique blend of contemporary style and timeless elegance. Amidst the dynamic runway shows and trendsetting displays, "Half" stands out as a symbol of innovation and sophistication, capturing the essence of modern Japanese and American fashion.

The Idea Behind "Half"

Being a half American, half Japanese family can offer a unique blend of cultural experiences and perspectives. This combination often results in a rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and values that contribute to a diverse and multicultural household.The household is likely to showcase a mix of American and Japanese cultural elements. Celebrations such as holidays, festivals, and family gatherings may incorporate traditions from both countries. This fusion can create a rich and vibrant atmosphere where family members get to appreciate and learn about each other's cultural heritage.

Half started as a way of life in a interracial family. Being born into two cultures means the celebration and experience of both cultures become blended into one lifestyle. This lifestyle has been transformed into a brand.

Collection Fabrics

Okayama Denim

Okayama was the center of Japan’s cotton industry from the 1930’s and made school and work uniforms. When denim first arrived, materials and equipment were brought from
America. Soon there after, Japan developed their own form of dye known as “indigo Dye.” The Japanese denim market became self sustaining and no longer needed to import materials. As the world market for denim grew, japan quickly rose to the top. Regarded as some of the best denim in the world, Okayama denim has developed into a highly popular fabric. Okayama denim has followed new guidelines and rules to become one of the most sustainable producers of denim in the world. Using this fabric follows the idea of creating clothing as well as keeping the planet clean and safe for our future.

Kimono and Obi

Originating as a belt from japan, the obi has developed into a traditional piece of Japanese clothing with a number of different varieties, sizes, lengths and methods of tying. Originating around the year 800, kimono is one of Japan's oldest forms of clothing that is still worn today. usually made from Japanese silk, the obi has become a symbol of Japanese culture and clothing. With many colors and designs, the obi can be worn in many different ways with many different clothes. Using old obi and kimono fabric brings a traditional and vibrant aspect to the brand “Half.”

Esmod Tokyo

Esmod Tokyo stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the heart of Japan's bustling fashion scene. Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Tokyo, this esteemed institution serves as a melting pot of talent, nurturing the next generation of fashion designers with its cutting-edge curriculum and industry-leading expertise. Founded on the principles of excellence and passion for design, Esmod Tokyo provides aspiring designers with a platform to unleash their creativity and cultivate their unique artistic voice. Through a blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and contemporary global influences, students at Esmod Tokyo are empowered to push the boundaries of fashion, creating groundbreaking collections that captivate audiences worldwide. With its unwavering commitment to fostering talent and fostering a dynamic, inclusive community, Esmod Tokyo continues to shape the future of fashion in Japan and beyond.

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